The First Post

Dear Everyone,

Hello there.

So here’s the plan:

I’ve written a script for a full-length feature film.  This is the site for it.  I’ve made the script freely available to any and all who would like to read it.  Here’s a quick blurb about it:

Misophonica is a feature length film about four students at the Kennett Musical Conservatory in southeastern Pennsylvania. Elliot, the protagonist, is a musical savant, and a ball of social anxiety molded by a lifelong affliction called misophonia. His friends Sammy, Mo, and Craig create a safe bubble in which Elliot survives the normalcy of college life. Elliot’s life has always been consumed by music. So much so that relationships, even friendships, had fallen by the wayside. Once in college, friendships started building, but romance remained unfounded. Eventually, however, both Sammy and Mo discover feelings for Elliot. As the story goes, friendships are tested, some relationships are cultivated, and some left behind. Ultimately, Elliot’s love for himself and for his friends is tested in one furious moment.

Misophonica is a story about love in general. Love of music, love of yourself, love of your friends and partners. Love of different types of people in different ways at all times. Misophonica was written as my dedication to love and acceptance of everyone.

I’ll put some stuff about me in the about page, as well as this blurb in case you want to read it again!

So, it’s always been my dream to be creative as a career.  I’ve been writing prose my whole life.  This script, however, deviates from my normal path.  But I think I’ve got something special.  I’ve been as passionate about film as I have about writing forever, so I think my writing will translate well into film.

Here’s a big problem with writing in general: writing something and selling it isn’t just about writing something great, it’s about finding the right person who loves it at the right time.  That’s the hard part.  Finding someone who wants to sell your writing is a very subjective process and as the writer, you’re at the mercy of the decision-maker’s subjection.  That’s why you have to be tolerant of rejection.  It’s like batting in major league baseball.  Batting .300 is considered really good.  That’s only 3 hits out of every 10 at bats.  That’s not a high percentage.

So while I have sent my script off to agents and the like, I’ve submitted to contests as well, the idea of having complete control over my own story is also a thrilling prospect.  Which is why I’m going to launch a kickstarter to maybe fund this project.  I plan on building up this blog more.  I’ll post about films in general, about the themes in my script like LGBT topics, consent, anxiety, music, all that good stuff.  I do want to get into some more depth as to what Misophonica is about, so I’ll do that going forward.  This is the first step in a new journey and I hope that everyone who comes here thinks it’s worth joining me on it.

Acceptingly yours,

Matthew Raup

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